Resilient Funds, Actively Managed with Fair Fees

Equitile is an investment management company. We aim to build durable trusting relationships with our clients by investing their money in the world’s most resilient companies and by charging a fair fee for our services.

Our investment philosophy is built on the lessons of the Global Financial Crisis. We place financial stability and human behaviour at the centre of our thinking; in a world over-reliant on debt we see investment resilience as paramount.

One legacy of the financial crisis, however, is a comprehensive loss of trust. Worse, our research suggests that customers now feel they have nowhere to go
- Price Waterhouse Coopers 2014

Overall we conclude that short-termism is a problem in UK equity markets, and that the principal causes are the decline of trust and the misalignment of incentives
- The Kay Review 2012

About Us

Equitile was founded in 2015 by experienced investment professionals who wish to promote a healthier financial system. The founders all bring unique perspectives to a shared vision – an investment company that performs for clients on terms that align our interests.

Equitile is headquartered in London and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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