George Cooper

Chief Investment Officer

  • 25 years of investment experience
  • Asset management, global strategy, research
  • Previously Global Fixed Income Strategist for Deutsche Bank and fixed income manager at Bluecrest
  • JP Morgan Investment Management, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Bluecrest Capital Management, Deutsche Bank


George’s desire to promote a better understanding of financial markets, with realistic models of debt and behavioural finance, is behind his decision to found Equitile.

He has extensive fund management experience and, as Global Fixed Income Strategist for Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, he has written extensively and lectured on central banking and monetary policy, financial stability and asset bubbles. His first book, ‘The Origin of Financial Crises’, 2008, explains monetary policy and its role in managing economic activity. In his more recent books, ‘Money, Blood and Revolution’ and 'Fixing Economics' George explores problems in the foundations of economic and financial theory.


George gained both BSc and PhD degrees from Durham University, in Physics and Engineering respectively.


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