The Equitile Resilience Fund

The Equitile Resilience Fund aims to deliver capital growth by investing in resilient companies with high quality management, sound finances and a proven track record of innovation and growth. The fund invests only in listed companies which have passed Equitile’s rigorous research process.

We live in a period of unprecedented change which necessitates a disciplined approach to active portfolio management. Equitile’s unique quantitatively guided portfolio management system adds resilience & discipline by encouraging the manager to deal with shifts in the market environment in a timely orderly manner.

Key features of our approach

100% active management, with no benchmarking

Effective mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Exclusive focus on investment resilience

Highly disciplined portfolio construction and evolution

Fair fees, designed to align interests and promote responsible investing

Equitile Resilience Fund Latest Overview

Monthly Overview September 2017


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